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www.ipay.adp.com is the page where you can access ADP iPay statements. The initials ADP in this context stand for Automatic Data Processing, which is one of the biggest payroll service providers in the United States. The ADP iPay statements you can access at iPay can be useful in many situations including:

  • If you want to figure out how much you have been paid within a given time duration: this can be crucial, if you want to reconcile your earnings with your expenditure, in order to figure out where your money is going.
  • If you want to prepare your tax documents: your payroll income statement is essential, if you are to prepare your income tax returns in the right way.
  • If you want to apply for a loan: some lenders may demand a payroll income statement, before making a decision on whether or not to lend you.
  • If you want to plan your finances better: a starting point in this process would be that of accessing your payroll income statement, and ipay.adp.com is the place where you can get such a statement anytime you wish. That is, of course, if your employer is one of those that make use of ADP’s payroll services.

The structure of www.ipay.adp.com

The page you land on, upon entering www.ipay.adp.com into your browser, is a rather bare one. That is because, in actual fact, it is the login page – and as we all know, login pages tend to be simply ‘form pages’ where people are only required to enter credentials (typically username and passwords). What is unique about iPay ADP homepage as a login page is, however, the fact that there is no form on it! What you find on the page is a series of links and a button labeled ‘login.’ So, how do you log into the site, in order to access your ADP iPay statements? Well, all you need to do is click on the button labeled ‘login’ and a (dynamically generated) form will come up as a pop-up, where you can enter your username and your password. If those are correct, you will be redirected to a page where you can find your statement. It would seem that the folks behind the ADP iPay application have created it in this way to enhance security. That is because the traditional approach of having login forms already rendered on the login page when one accesses it opens the door for security vulnerabilities.

Functions you can perform at iPay ADP Site

As already noted, one of the major functions you can perform at iPay Site is that of logging into the ADP iPay system, in order to access your payroll statements.

Another function you can perform on this page is that of initiating your password recovery process, in case you happen to have lost your iPay Login password.

Yet another function you can perform on the said function is that of recovering your username, in case you happen to have lost/forgotten it.

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